Congratulations to all of our Ninjas who earned new belts at Spiece on July 16th at Spiece! We held 3 promotion tests for students aged 5-12 years of age. They worked on a variety of concepts and techniques including: basic exercises, self-defense, sparring, and stranger danger! Wear your belts with pride! You earned them and Read More

The ladies of Premier Martial Arts Southwest had some fun while preparing for Headband Day!

Earlier this summer Premier Martial Arts held an intramural tournament and sparring season for our three schools at Spiece Fieldhouse. This was a 6 week long event culminating in an intramural tournament. Not was it fun but it was a great way to introduce students to how a martial arts tournament works.

By Premier Martial Arts in Fort Wayne, IN It is a general belief that kids who study the most are the ones who get the best grades in school. It may be true, but research has also shown that for the overall development of the personality of a kid, it is important that he/she develops Read More

These Ninja’s not only had fun but worked up an appetite during Sparring Day Camp!