These Girl Scouts did great job this morning! Congratulations on earning your merit badges ladies! Please visit for information about our martial arts schools closest to you in Fort Wayne! Premier Martial Arts has been in business for more than 20 years, and since our founding in 1998 we have helped thousands of students of all ages Read More

Congratulations Team Premier on a great performance at Saturday’s TKA Tournament in Parker City! We’re proud of you all!

By Premier Martial Arts in Fort Wayne, IN Taking up a martial art is not only an excellent method to help you be prepared to defend yourself, should the need arise; but it also provides a number of passive benefits to those who practice it. Among the physical benefits of practicing a martial art, the Read More

By Premier Martial Arts in Fort Wayne, IN Scientific evidence through neuro-imaging has suggested that physical activity improves a person’s cognitive ability across all ages. Age related brain tissue loss is minimized. Existing cognitive ability is improved. People can allocate more attention towards the environment. Information can be processed much more quickly. Survival throughout history Read More