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  • Our boys are so excited to go to their lessons. They are challenged to keep improving and learning positive skills outside of the Dojo.

  • It helps me get a good workout and teaches me good self defense.
    -Josiah, 15

  • Our son just started taking lessons within the last month. He really has been enjoying it and I’ve started to see an increase in his confidence. The instructors do a really good job and are very patient with him, especially when he sometimes needs to hear an instruction many times before he gets it!

  • My husband and I gifted our son karate lessons for his fifth birthday four years ago. After three years of training and dedication he earned his Jr Black Belt. Over the past few years karate has helped my son build his confidence and become a strong leader. He has greatly improved his self control and maintains excellent marks in school. The instructors at PMA are extremely knowledgeable and are great role models to kids of all ages. We will be forever grateful for the time they have invested in our son.

  • I’m 44 years old, and I’m in the best shape of my life. 100% of that is due to the training I’ve received and discipline I’ve developed as a student at PMA.

  • We love Premier Martial Arts! My grandchildren began in basic training and loved it so much they’re now in black belt training. It gives them a sense of accomplishment while keeping them physically active . They have made friends in their karate class & enjoy the extra events offered by Premier Martial Arts. Attending helps them learn focus , patience, motivation, confidence & respect for others . Their instructors are very knowledgeable , talented & are really good working with the kids to help them learn. We’re so glad we found Premier Martial Arts !! We highly recommend it !

  • It is amazing to see how patient not only the Senseis are but the kids involved in the leadership program are as well. The values of respect and discipline are instilled from day one. The training that is accomplished allows for individual progress at different levels all while in a group setting. This is a program that I would recommend for anyone at any age!

  • Premier has helped my son work on his discipline as well as on his attention skills . He struggled with the first couple classes but now loves and enjoys listening and participating in class . Mrs Sarah and others are great with the kids. They have so much patience.

  • My boys and I joined the PMA family about a year ago. Needless to say, learning karate as a family has been a unique and rewarding experience. I love the “me” time I have during my adult classes, getting the opportunity to both mentally and physically challenge myself but also to learn and teach with others working toward a similar goal. My boys have both gained self-confidence and self-awareness. My previously shy son now competes at tournaments, presents in front of large groups, and even went away to camp alone for a week this summer. My younger son has improved dramatically in areas of respect, focus and concentration. The impact I’ve seen for all of us has been extremely positive. I’m so grateful we chose PMA!

  • Joining the team at Premier Martial Arts is one of the best decisions we have ever made for our son. The knowledgeable instructors have been instrumental in developing not only martial arts skills, but life skills as well. Accountability and responsibility are highly emphasized. Enrolling in classes with Premier will benefit you and your child. We are so thankful!

  • My kids (5 and 6) absolutely love going to Premier working with Mr. Paterson and the other students. Mr. Paterson is a great instructor willing to work with the students to excel in class.

  • My son has been attending Premier Martial Arts for around two months now and I have already seen a huge change in his behavior. He struggles with ADHD which has caused some issues at school, but he told me today he feels like he's improving because of martial arts and that was so wonderful to hear. I have loved watching him learn and practice at home to improve. He also recognizes and corrects his behavior when he is not being respectful on his own because it is emphasized so much here, and has shown a lot more responsibility at home as well. I am excited to see him continue to grow at this school.

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