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  • My kids really enjoy going to lions karate. Paige and Lucas have been going for about two week and really love going. They feel that it is a great way for them to learn self defense and they think that the uniforms are cool. Mr. Kuhn is awesome.

  • Joining the team at Premier Martial Arts is one of the best decisions we have ever made for our son. The knowledgeable instructors have been instrumental in developing not only martial arts skills, but life skills as well. Accountability and responsibility are highly emphasized. Enrolling in classes with Premier will benefit you and your child. We are so thankful!

  • I just registered my son yesterday, at first he told me that karate was not his thing, but I let him try, after he knows little bit he became interesting. Premier what I see it will help kids like my son, bill his courage, concentration, self confidence and more.

  • My daughter has been attending PMA for 2 years now. Karate has helped her gain self control, focus and confidence, all while learning a new skill that doesn't come easily to her. The sensei's at Premier know how to engage the children in a safe and encouraging environment. They push them to do their best but are patient and reassuring. Everyone at Premier really cares about the kids and makes them feel a part of the PMA family.

  • Our daughter has been at Premier Martial Arts almost a year and she loves it. She has gained so much confidence ans she enjoys coming every week.

  • My son has just joined and is very selfish conscious and shy but the people here have made him feel comfortable and he has tried more then I have ever seen him. I love the feeling of family here. Very happy I found them.

  • Our son has been attending Premier Martial Arts since October. It has made a great impact on him mentally as well as physically. The teachers are amazing!! Supportive, patient, kind and very helpful in any way!!! We had looked at several rodent places and this was definitely the one that made us feel most comfortable and welcome!!! We would highly recommend them for all ages!!!!

  • My son started classes at Premier last month. He has LOVED his time there so far. He is already growing more confident. This not only teaches them great physical skills, but important life skills to become mentally strong. The staff and facilities have been nothing but EXCELLENT.

  • PMA has become a second home to our son. He feels safe to explore and expand his skill set in martial arts and characteristics that will serve him in life. He is growing everyday, isn’t afraid to try and fail, and his confidence is booming.

  • My youngest has been part of the Premier family for about 2 years. His confidence level and self motivation have gone through the roof. I cannot take all the credit. The Senseis and instructors have been key with guidance, coaching, and modeling good choices. So blessed!

    Now, I have 3 of 4 boys in the Premier family. So many benefits. All the staff have been amazing. We love Premier!

  • Our 6 year old son loves coming each week. He is learning a lot about himself and martial arts. The staff is wonderful and the kids even get to work with some of the older students. Not only is it a great physical activity but mental activity as well!

  • My son has been coming for a bit over a month. I have nothing but good things to say. He absolutely loves it and I have seen such an improvement in both his behavior and his overall confidence. The staff are all great and are always quick to get back to you with any questions or concerns

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