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  • So far premier martial arts has met all my expectations for my son. He is so engaged the entire time, and we all know with kids that’s a hard task to accomplish. They are all so great and friendly!

  • It has been over 15 years since I studied martial arts, I recently moved and discovered PMA was located close to my home and decided to stop by the studio and check things out. I was met with extreme kindness, explained everything about the programs and services and then offered to sit in on a class. I really enjoyed everything about PMA and became a student. After having multiple surgeries, I decided this was a perfect way to strengthen my mind, spirit, and body. My first session was amazing, the staff and other students were great. The support was amazing from everyone. I'm looking forward to my next class and being able to improve myself and my life with the knowledge being offered through PMA. I just want to say thank you for making me part of the family.

    Christopher Wood

  • My son has just joined and is very selfish conscious and shy but the people here have made him feel comfortable and he has tried more then I have ever seen him. I love the feeling of family here. Very happy I found them.

  • My daughter has been attending Premier Martial Arts for about 6 months and I am beyond impressed by what she has learned. Not only physically, but the mental growth is amazing. This is a great place for children and adults to grow mentally and physically.

  • PMA has been amazing. I enjoy watching everyone learn. I am not the one in it, but I come to each class to support my partner. He loves martial arts, and he has learned so much here. He enjoys going to class, and the tournaments. He has learned a lot of skills I feel that have helped him relax. All of the people are friendly and helpful, this truly is like a family.


  • We love Premiere. I see a definite improvement in my daughter's mood and behavior.

  • I really don't think that I can put into words how wonderful this place is! Our son, who is 8, looks forward to showing up every class! The staff work so well with the kids and teach them life skills along the way. They truly care about every child, parent and adult that walks through their doors.

  • This is a great program. We have seen so much growth with our son Drake.

  • Premier Martial Arts found ME. I’ve had a growing interest in Japanese culture over the last few years, as well as in martial arts in general. I happened to be on FB one day, and came across an ad for a local karate facility; I was click-baited. I called, and they offered me four free classes for me AND for my kiddo! 1 private, 1 semi private, and 2 with their regular classes, plus a free uniform! In some cases, I don’t like being “bribed” to become a consumer, but in this case, I was thrilled to have the chance to get to know the teaching style, instructors, and my son’s interest level before committing with $’s down (the commitment is one year at a time) but the upside is that after paying for two students, anyone else in the family can be trained for free.
    My son has been training for about a month now, and I am very satisfied with the experience thus far. Mr. Gibson, the instructor, is clearly well trained and disciplined himself, and is very good at meeting the kids where they are, as well as teaching the skills in the way young kids can learn without losing authenticity. There is not really a focus on meditation, but definitely a high focus on discipline, empowerment, and character building. They have a creed that they recite at each class (which I love!) and there are two themes each month, one of the heart (like honesty) and one of the body (like accuracy), and the students are tested on these each month to earn a stripe on their belts. They are tested quarterly for advancement to another belt color. And badges of integrity can be earned at your own pace (they take commitment at home). Plus the physical exercise is great to help my son get some energy out.
    The instructors are very good at using the whole 30 minutes for each session, but there isn’t a break in between classes, so there’s no time to talk to an instructor afterward, which is disappointing since my son often has questions (or comments haha).
    The facility (FW Coldwater Rd. location) is very clean, and they have many tools to assist with training. The biggest disappointment is the size of the space they rent in the building. It’s quite a tight fit for parents who sit to watch, plus all the students’ gear, and you have to cross the training space to use the restroom or talk in a private office.
    Lastly, I am pleased that it’s a family business; even though Premier is franchised, the business manager of the local facility is the owner’s daughter (great administration skills and friendly), and the instructor completed his training alongside the owner. It’s family friendly (I never feel uncomfortable bringing my 1 year old along) and my son finishes every session by running to me with open arms and a wide grin. We are very happy to be there 😊

  • It has truly been a honor to be able to see the progress my son has made in the dojo and especially outside the dojo. Blessings. His deamnor, confidence, and positive attitude has sky rocketed. I use to ask my son did you clean your room. He would reply yea and keep doing whatever. Now I ask my son did he clean his room? His response "Yes Sir it's cleaned dad". "The Yes Sir"..Those are the little things that take you a long way in my eyes. I have nothing but admiration for the dojo and its teachers.

  • Our son started classes at Premier almost three years ago. He has not only gained martial arts skills, but life skills, too. As a parent I appreciate the self defense and bullying lessons he has learned. His confidence has grown so much since he began three years ago. The instructors are very welcoming and helpful. They care about your child and want them to be successful-not just in the dojo. I am happy with the investment we have made in our son with Premier. Check it out! You will not regret it!

  • My son started classes at Premier last month. He has LOVED his time there so far. He is already growing more confident. This not only teaches them great physical skills, but important life skills to become mentally strong. The staff and facilities have been nothing but EXCELLENT.

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